Interior Designers Cheshire

Posted On May 1st, 2011

Interior Designers Cheshire

We are looking at relationship building to help achieve an Interior Design project relationship, in particular we are looking at this in context to Interior Designers in Cheshire.

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Commissioning Interior Designers – Cheshire?

What are you searching for when you commission a Interior Designer? As important… how are they going to achieve what you are after? These are your starting points when you are searching for an Interior Designers Cheshire

Initial Exploritory Consultation

Before any ideas or costs might be reached, there needs to be an overview of advice where you get the opportunity to see previous examples of work to satisfy yourself of the suitability of the Designer and to get the opportunity to put forward your ideas and desires for the project you have in mind.

Whatever your needs, be they simple, where a decorating service would be engaged, to a re-styling or a thorough interior design package, each project needs to be assessed prior to moving forward with any advice. Budgets need to be discussed and your requirements be documented.

Residential Green Design

Visiting your place or property is the first process, this is where we will discuss your requirements along with any advice you have regarding the look and feel you want to achieve. An assessment of your requirements will be taken, photographs and sketches could also be needed and any feedback will be welcomed.

After this consultation the next process will be to send you an estimate detailing the suggested work to be carried out before engaging and proceeding with the commission.

Employing our services – Interior Designers Cheshire

On engagement a preliminary design concept will be produced. A further site meeting will then be needed where we will present the proposed design and all the colour schemes, furnishings, materials that is intended will also be discussed.

The purpose of this is to make sure we are working towards your specific requirements and costings. Once the concepts are approved we will start with the detailed design for your approval.

Producing the Final Design

interior design oxford rogue designs The final design meeting is to furnish you with a detailed design. Mood boards will be presented with samples of all materials to be used including, fabrics, flooring, wall coverings as well as details of all proposed furniture, fixtures and/or fittings and accessories that will be used. I trust this of use and if you want more information please contact us Interior Designers Cheshire.





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